Automatic Driving Lessons

Pelican Driving School, Automatic lessons in Barnsley and Rotherham

Automatic Driving Lessons

Pelican Driving School, lessons in Barnsley and Rotherham

Automatic Driving Lessons

Some drivers find using a clutch and manually changing gear too much to co-ordinate and often worry about selecting the wrong gear or stalling the car. Driving an automatic car removes all these worries and leaves the driver more time to concentrate on road procedure.

With an automatic there is also less physical work to do, ideal if you suffer from arthritis or have any disability. As traffic density increases, especially in town and city driving, there is little wonder that automatic cars are on the increase, the time will soon come when all cars will be automatic, and of course the technology is rapidly advancing with electric vehicles and these are also automatic in the sense that they generally do not have any gears at all. The torque range of electric motors covers the speed range of passenger cars without the need for a gearbox. The torque being highest when moving off gives an electric car very good acceleration. And then there are self driving cars on the horizon.

If you are not sure and would like to discuss the advantages of automatic cars then contact Kath on 07712 770079 or send an email from the link provided.

You can have your lessons from home, work or school, whichever is most convenient for you. Ours is a personal one to one service, there will not be any other pupils in the back of the car. All lessons are for a full hour but if you wish you can have 1.5 hour or 2 hour lessons.

  • Single Automatic Driving Lesson £36.00

  • Save by Block Booking

  • Block of 10 Automatic Driving Lesson £350.00

  • Enjoy learning to drive in Rotherham, Barnsley or Sheffield with first class instructors

  • Remember automatic cars are easy to drive

  • You will probably need fewer lessons in an automatic car

  • Our patient Female and Male driving instructors cover Rotherham, Barnsley and Sheffield

  • You will keep the same instructor throughout your training

  • You will drive on your first lesson

  • Fully qualified friendly and reliable instructors
  • Pick up from home, school or work
  • You can save more money on your driving lessons by block booking
  • High first time pass rate reduces the amount of lessons you may need
  • We cater for drivers of any age, ability or confidence level, and you will learn at your own pace
  • We also offer refresher lessons designed to give you confidence on the road after you have passed your test and not driven for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our driving lessons are £36.00 per lesson. Usually the lesson will last 1 Hour allowing you to learn at a comfortable rate. If you book in larger blocks we can offer 10 lessons for £350.

Everyone learns at their own pace, and so generally speaking you will need to have the amount of lessons that gets you to a place where you are going to be a safe driver for life. We would not send you for a test unless we expect you to pass.

Yes we make sure that your training environment is the safest it can be.

Dual controls keep you and the general public safe while you are learning to drive.

You can start as soon as you have a provisional licence and as soon as your instructor can fit you into their diary.

Yes we have female instructors in all areas.  Mainly our female instructors are currently teaching in automatic cars in Sheffield and Rotherham.

We can take you out in your own car if you are having refresher lessons and are a fully qualified driver but we can’t take you out in your own car for insurance reasons if you are a learner driver.

Yes you can have an hour, an hour and a half or two hour sessions

We highly recommend that you have lessons that suit your capabilities,  as not everyone can concentrate for 2 hours at a time.

The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) is sponsored by the Department of Transport. Visit their website at  There is a fantastic amount of information, you can book your theory or practical test and see all the test prices. online theory is designed to work alongside professional tuition given by a qualified driving instructor.

We do have a few instructors who work evenings and weekends but not all of them do.

Don’t worry! You are almost there and what we learn from your test will be exactly what we need to do to tailor make your driving lessons and instruction with a view to passing next time.

Start Learning to Drive Today

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Driving Lessons

We cater for drivers of all age groups and levels of experience, we teach you at your pace and can offer driving lessons at a frequency that you are comfortable with.

We have experienced female and male driving instructors. You have a choice of automatic or manual cars, they are all easy to drive and fitted with dual controls, they are always in clean condition.

Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons